Academic Seminar on Wireless Networks

On Monday 26th October 2015, an Academic Seminar on Wireless Networks co-organised by the School of Public Administration, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and by the MPI-Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Information Systems Research Centre (ISRC) was held at MPI.

Prof Laurie Cuthbert, Director of ISRC chaired the seminar with presentations being given by research staff from the ISRC (Dr Yapeng Wang, Dr Yue Liu and Dr Runbo Ma) and by Dr Xu Yang, Lecturer in Computing at MPI gave technical speeches on their area of expertise. The topics were: (i) “Geolocation Problems in Mobile Networks”, (ii) “Spectrum Sharing in Mobile Networks”, (iii)“Combining CoMP with Semi-smart Antennas to Improve Performance of Cellular Networks” and (iv) “Massive MIMO Antennas for 5G Communications”.

As well as showcasing the research of the ISRC, the seminar aimed to demonstrate the interaction of software and Computer Science with Telecommunications.

In the first talk on Geolocation, Dr Wang introduced the principles of different methods of finding the location of a user and how software had to take information from hardware in the terminal and in the network. He illustrated this with the ADAMANT project, an EU project from 2002-2005 that he had worked in. This had developed an intelligent application for Athens International Airport that provided information to passengers, airline and airport staff with accurate indoor positioning longer before the arrival of the smartphone or Google maps.

The following two talks by Dr Liu and Dr Yang both targeted the same goal – getting more capacity from mobile networks using advanced software techniques to control the radio networks. Benefits from these approaches included (i) ensuring that users got the quality of service they needed to give them a good experience and (ii) a saving in energy of over 60%, bearing in mind that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) contributes around 3% of global carbon emissions.

In the final talk, Dr Ma showed how new, complex antenna structures could be one of the major contributing technologies to 5G mobile networks. His talk concentrated on the design of the antennas showing the structures of the antennas and how the design tools (software systems) could be used to evaluate the performance of the antennas.

At the end of the seminar, Prof Marcus Im, Director of the School of Public Administration at MPI, commented that “the seminar showed the quality of the research work being done at MPI through the ISRC and how this is not only of an advanced standard scientifically but also relevant to the people of Macao.” He also explained that in the successful institutional review of MPI by the UK Quality Assurance Agency the underpinning of teaching by research was a key point in the submission.



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