Focusing on various cutting-edge technologies in Information Technology, the Information Systems Research Laboratory (ISRC) was a joint research laboratory between Macao Polytechnic Institute and Queen Mary Research Laboratories (Macau) Limited (QMRL), a subsidiary of Queen Mary University of London. Approved by the Macao SAR Chief Executive in 2004, its scope includes research and systems integration to the level of proof-of-concept demonstrators or operational prototypes in closely inter-related Information Systems technologies.

Located in the Chi-Un building on the MPI campus, the ISRC is now an MPI research laboratory that functions effectively without having to rely on QMUL.

An example of the type of research being carried out recently is that on getting more capacity from mobile networks using advanced techniques to control the radio networks. Benefits from these approaches include (i) ensuring that users get the quality of service they needed to give them a good experience and (ii) a saving in energy of over 60%, bearing in mind that ICT contributes around 3% of global carbon emissions. Funding for research in this area has been obtained from FDCT.

Investigations benefitting the local community include a study on how to mitigate inadvertent roaming where users in Macao accidentally roam onto a mainland network and hence incur high costs. This study involved an in-depth measuring the signal strength of all operators in Macao and the overspill from the mainland and the development of an app that can be run on the smartphone to warn users when inadvertent roaming has occurred.

External funding for the research of the ISRC has been obtained from a number of bodies including the Macao SAR Government, the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao (FDCT) and the Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation (DSRT). The output of the research has been published in major conferences and journals.

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